Rental Regulations

Outdoor Resort Palm Springs is a community of privately owned RV sites. Some are available for lease when not occupied by the owners.
All lots are privately owned, and rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Non-compliance will result in termination of the rental agreement and expulsion from the Resort with possible liability exposure and forfeiture of rents and fees.

The Resort fee is a mandatory fee established by the Board of Directors and is intended as an all-inclusive fee covering administrative, maintenance & security services. Also provides renters full access to the facilities and activities of the Resort, except Owner Only facilities (Owners' Lounge & Kitchens at La Palma and El Saguaro clubhouses).

$22 per day/per lot for all renters.

All renters including family members or friends using an RV or lot that is not owned by them are required to pay the resort fee (NO EXCEPTIONS).

$22 resort fee covers two golfers per lot, additional golfers pay golf fees.

  • RV Age Restriction for Rentals: Maximum 15 years old.

    RVs with tip-outs, truck campers, cab-over campers tent trailers, pop-up trailers, tents, van conversions, bus conversions, park models, or park trailers are not allowed in the Resort. Destination trailers (also known as extended stay trailers) are also deemed park trailers and, therefore, are not permitted within the Resort.

    Toy Haulers are prohibited from opening their rear doors or ramps within the Resort.

    Off-road vehicles are not permitted to be driven or stored within the Resort.

    All RVs allowed in the Resort must be in compliance with industry standards relating to square feet of gross area and must be at least 24 feet in length. Travel trailers are measured from the front wall to the rear wall, not including the tongue or bumpers.

    RVs are measured by Security upon arrival. Any RV that is under 24' will not be permitted to enter the Resort.

All RVs must be backed onto the site.

On lots sharing a rear property line with another owner, the RV must be placed at least three (3) feet from the front and rear property lines.

When the slides are fully extended, the RV must be at least two (2) feet from the property line on the driver's side, with no part of the unit extending over the grass landscaping or sewer outlet.

With awnings extended, there must be at least ten (10) feet between RVs, awning to awning.

On lots that back up to a Common Area, the RV must be placed at least six (6)inches from the back edge of the concrete pad without regard to the location of the rear property line.

If a car dolly is used, it must be stored under the RV at the rear of the lot and must not protrude out onto the grass.

All utility connectors must meet all Health and Safety standards. Sewer drain usage is only permitted if airtight is used.

Please do not turn off the breaker when leaving the Resort.

All visitors, guests, and vendors must have a pass to enter the Resort. Visitor and guest passes are processed through the Security Gate 24-hours a day.

Visitor passes must be visible on the windshield of the vehicle at all times.

The maximum number of vehicles permitted on the site is four (4) including the RV.

Parking on the street is not permitted.

Overnight parking for additional vehicles requires permission & a pass from Security (72 hours max).

Parking on surrounding lots is not permitted unless the Owner has provided written authorization to Security.

Utility trailers are not permitted.

The dog relief area is located next to the Main Laundry.

An additional dog relief area is located at the front pedestrian gate.

No more than two (2) pets are allowed per lot.

All pets, including cats, must be tethered on a six (6) foot leash whenever they are outside of the RV in which they are domiciled.

Pets are not permitted in any buildings or lots other than your own.

No pets in common areas.

No pets on the golf course.

While walking your pet, it must be on a leash, no longer than six (6) feet.

Please pick up after your pet.

8 swimming pools on the property.

No lifeguards on duty.

Children under the age of 14 must be under adult supervision.

People needing diapers MUST use a non-absorbent swim diaper.

A baby and toddler pool is available in the ES Clubhouse area.

Quiet hours in the Resort are to be observed between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. All RVs must arrive by 9:30 pm to be granted access to the Resort. Any RV that arrives after 9:30 pm will not be permitted access to the Resort until 7:00 am the following day. Please plan accordingly.

Charcoal, wood, or wood product fires are NOT permitted. Propane, gas & electric barbeques, heaters, and fire pits are permitted.

No homemade signs, including FOR SALE, may be displayed on or in any vehicle by renters/guests.

Advertising on any vehicle is prohibited.

Outdoor Resort Palm Springs is an ownership Resort and is governed by CC&RBylaws, and Association Rules & Regulations.