At Outdoor Resort Palm Springs, both Owners and Guests can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as golf, tennis, pickleball, hiking, biking, and walking along the 2.4-mile perimeter of our Resort. Additionally, we offer an array of clubs including Quilting, Cornhole, Hiking, and Health and Fitness. For those who prefer more laid-back activities, we have bingo, billiards, and dancing. With an abundance of social opportunities available, our Residents and Guests can enjoy a fulfilling and engaging stay.

It's Great to Have Options!

Outdoor Resort Palm Springs (ORPS) hosts many special events from October through April. From comedy nights to flea markets to live music and more! On top of special events, join us for our weekly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night food and entertainment. These events are directed by our full-time staff, with support from our dedicated army of volunteers.

Special Events Calendar

Here are just a few:

At any time of day, there are numerous chances to socialize and connect with like-minded individuals through our social clubs or drop-in activities.

Enjoy your favorite pastimes with others, such as Ukulele, Line Dancing, Book Club, Bingo, Chorus, Weekly Movie Night, Non-Denominational Church Services, "Texas Hold Em", Bible Study Group, Mahjong, and Happy Hour in our Bar. We are continually adding more options for you to explore!