If the idea of dedicating your day to playing and watching tennis sounds attractive, Outdoor Resort Palm Springs is the perfect destination. We welcome players of all skill levels, including beginners, intermediate players, and those who compete at an advanced level.

The Premier Tennis Resort of Palm Springs

A great tennis resort is easily recognizable when you're greeted with questions about your backhand soon after arrival. Tennis requires both athletic ability and strategic thinking, which means you can always improve your game, even as you age. Our resort boasts exceptional facilities that can help you take your game to the next level while enjoying yourself. What sets ORPS apart as the top tennis resort in Palm Springs?

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  • We are home to one of the premier tennis programs in California’s Coachella Valley, making it unique among Palm Springs RV Resorts.

  • With 10 lighted tennis courts and scheduled play for men and women every morning, there’s always an open court available.

  • New to the game? Enjoy our free novice clinics.

  • Want to quick refresher or a tune-up? Professional tennis Instruction is available during the winter months.

  • Ready for a challenge? Represent our league against other Coachella Valley resorts at skill levels 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0.

  • Unleash your competitive beast with our weekly men’s and women’s Top Gun tournament program!

  • For those who just are looking to have some fun, we host monthly tennis social activities and “mixer” tournaments.

Welcome to ORPS Tennis

We are happy you’ve joined us here at Outdoor Resort, now come join us on the courts!
We have 10 hard courts, 2 ball machines for your use and free clinics to get you started!
Our court reservation system here at ORPS is called “Hold My Court” (HMC). HMC allows you to book a private court as well as view current bookings for morning drop-ins, leagues & mixers, etc.
Once you register for HMC, you will automatically be added to our Tennis Roster and begin receiving our informational emails. Emails will include news and upcoming Tennis event information.

We also post Tennis Event information on our website, bulletin boards throughout the resort (La Palma breezeway, Satellite laundry rooms and Clubhouses) and in the monthly news magazine The ORACLE.

A Tennis Calendar is published monthly from November to March and posted on the Tennis webpage or is available in hard copy from the Lifestyle and Events Office.
Contact the tennis committee at if you have any questions.

Register for Hold My Court (HMC)

1. ORPS tennis members must register to use our online reservation system, Hold My Court (HMC).

2. If you have problems with the registration system please read the Hold My Court Frequently Ask Questions at and if the problem persists, contact

3. A link to the HMC court reservation system is on the Tennis webpage “Reserve a Court” or click on this link,

4. In the upper left-hand corner, click on the link labeled Sign in or Register and fill in the form for a New Registration.

5. How to Register

In the NAME field, include your first name, last name, AND your Lot number.

Enter your email address and phone number.


**Failure to enter all required information can result in your registration being removed from the system.

**If a spouse/partner is also a tennis member, a separate login account using a separate email address is required.

Once you click on the Register button the screen will update showing a successful registration. has been registered.
Please check to make sure that it is correct.
Enter your password in the form above.
Use a password that is not used for any other purpose.

6. Now login as instructed using your email address and a password of your choice.

7. You may reserve one tennis court per day for 2 hours of play. Only one name is required to make a reservation. The person making the reservation MUST be one of the players on the reserved court. If an Owner makes the reservation for a guest, he/she must be present at the court during play.

8. If you wish to reserve more than one court for a special function, your request must be submitted to the Tennis Committee in advance for approval. If your request is approved, the courts will be blocked out for you by the System Administrator.

9. Reservations can be made 7 days in advance from 6:00 am to Midnight. The first court reservation time is 8:00 am each day.

10. You must be on your reserved court at your reserved time. The grace period for keeping your court is 10 minutes else the court becomes available for other players. Court reservations that willgo unused should be canceled in advance. Failure to do so can result in loss of court booking privileges.

Hold My Court (HMC) Reservation System
If you are already registered with the online court reservation
system, click the button above to go directly to the court
reservation page.

NOT YET REGISTERED? Click on this link and navigate to the “Register”
page of the ORPS Tennis website.

Hard to believe, the 2022-23 tennis season is over. There were great times shared at many fun events. Our very competitive teams within the leagues at ORPS, drew supportive crowds, as did the teams that played in Valley leagues. 


March got started with Fritters and Fun. It was held on March 4, and Triples were the game played.  There were 39 participants on the 4 courts at La Palma. A Tennis Committee Town Hall was held on the Tennis Deck following play. Mary Holmes introduced the new committee members, while everyone enjoyed the fritters and mimosas.

The March Mixer was on the 20th and 21st. It was our Tennis Wrap-Up Tournament. Kathy Brown was the hostess. She had a Hawaiian theme called Kinipopo.  Kathy with her “ bodyguards,” Steve Simpson and Larry Carletta, who helped her with the Tuesday evening event.



Kathy with Sue Sullivan and Fran Swanson, who also helped with Kinipopo, and dressed for the Hawaiian theme. Thanks Kathy, for creating a very memorable event.

The Monday tennis included 62 players on 9 courts. At the end of play Monday, we were treated to very delicious pizza. Unfortunately, we woke up to rain on Tues., and tennis for that day was canceled.


Two of the teams that played on Monday. 


Winners from the first day of the tournament:

Group A - Doreen Goltz & Steve Simpson

Group B - Char James & Brad Frank

   Group C -  Sandy Glennie & Leslie Kaplan   


 The Kinipopo Feast was held Tuesday evening, and was a great success.  

Teammates and friends gathered for a great time at the Hawaiian Feast.

A special thank you goes to Mary Holmes. She has been on the tennis committee for 4 years. She was the Mixer Coordinator for the first 2 years and has been the Chair for the last 2 years. Mary is proudest of working with the tennis committee to reinvigorate tennis at ORPS, with new programs and events. Mary led us in creating an informed and inclusive tennis community.  Robin Polson will take over Mary’s position as Chair.

Another special thanks goes to Bill Grannary. Bill's official position on the committee was Court Maintenance Coordinator. While doing a great job at that, he also was instrumental in the expansion of the tennis website, as well as helping us utilize Google Drive more effectively. Bill was so patient in helping some of us, who were technically stuck in a prior decade. Bill is proudest of the focus group from last year, that brought about needed improvement to the tennis program. He also enjoyed working with Mary, who he feels is a good leader, and manager of people. 

Brian Goltz will move into the Court Maintenance position.

Three more people who are to be thanked for their time and dedication to the Tennis Committee  are:

Sue Sullivan, who is the Mixer Coordinator. Deb Vodvarka will move into her position.

Julia Buckland, who is the Fritters and Fun Coordinator. Karen Forsberg will step in there.

Doreen Goltz who is the Committee Secretary. Janet Whiteside will take that position.

Your new Tennis Committee:
Brian Goltz, Robin Polson, Karen Folsberg, Deb Vodvarka, Janet Whiteside, Cindy Stoneback


Women's Top Gun participants.


Thanks to Debbie Jensen and Vicki Condon who coordinated the Women's Top Gun. Congrats to Doreen Goltz, this year's Women's TOP GUN!

Men's Top Gun Participants.


Thanks to John Jensen and Eric Buckland for being the Men’s Top Gun co-coordinators. 

 Mike Henry Was the Men’s TOP GUN.

Mixed Doubles League winners. In the final match, John Maysmith and Jill Trelawny, on the left, took the lead, and this year's top spot.

Desert Double Trouble was the winning team in the Team Tennis League.

Thanks to Greg Bach for his weekly, wonderfully informative narrative of the Team Tennis results.

Congratulations to the ORPS Tennis community for contributing over 3000 tennis balls to the recycling program. The recycle boxes, which are at LP, are labeled “Ball Machine” or “Dead Balls.” The Ball Machine balls get used briefly and eventually cycled into the dead ball boxes. They are then shipped off for recycling. Thanks to Dawn and her crew for initiating the program and keeping it going.


Every Wednesday from 10 am-11:30 am on Satellite Court B, resident tennis guru Brian (Sparky) Farrell runs clinics for Novice and Intermediate players.
Everyone is welcome and there is no charge for the clinic. 
Registration is not required, just show up at Satellite Court B.

Most Tuesdays from 1:30 - 3:00pm, Pro tennis instructor, Becky Vineyard, runs instructional and fun clinics.  
Signup in advance by emailing Becky directly at
Everyone is welcome and the cost of $15 is paid to Becky at the clinic. 

Check Hold My Court to confirm which days the lessons are scheduled and at which courts!

What level of play and format is the DROP IN?

  • Level of play is typically 3.0 - 3.5 but everyone is welcome
  • Format of play is doubles
  • Playing cards are used to randomly form 2 person teams to start
  • Desert rules are used to promote shorter matches

What level of play and format is the EZ DROP IN?

  • Level of play is typically 2.5 - 3.0 but everyone is welcome
  • Format of play is doubles
  • Playing cards are used to randomly form 2 person teams to start
  • Desert rules are used to promote shorter matches

What is Desert Rules tennis?

  • Desert Rules is a format used to promote quicker sets/matches when a large group of players is involved and players are rotating on and off the court.
  • 1 set of 8 games is played
  • The first serve goes to the team on the south court
  • Only 1 deuce point is played (sudden death)
  • Change sides once after 4 games
  • 4/4 game ties are broken by a standard 7-point tie-breaker

How do I get a Key for Satellite courts?

  • Go to the Front Office and provide a refundable $50 deposit
  • Alternatively, LP courts are never locked\

How do I contact the Tennis Club?

How do I book a tennis court?

  • Register for our court booking online application Hold My Court (HMC)
  • This is also how to determine if a court is free to use/book or is in use

Where can I get information on League Play?

League Info

Where can I find information about tennis events throughout the season?

  • See the website
  • Check out our bulletin board at the south end of the LP tennis courts breezeway
  • Event Posters will be posted in Satellite laundry buildings

How do I use a ball machine?

We have 2 ball machines available for use.  The locations are identified on Hold My Court (HMC) our online court booking application.  To book one, just book the court on HMC for the length of time you wish to use the machine.  You’ll need a tennis key to enter the court.  The machines can be used with or without a remote control.  If you want the remote control, you must trade your proxy card at the security desk for the remote while using the machine.  Please replace all balls, cover and put the machine away when done.