Lot 394
Lot 394
For Sale
$90 per day


Lot 394 is available until January 1, 2024, then NOT available again until April 1, 2024 (owner occupied). 
Beautiful corner lot across from Satellite C pool, laundry, and tennis court . Short walk to larger La Palma pool and clubhouse. 
The door side of your RV gets morning sun and afternoon shade.  
The large lot will accommodate any size RV. 
$90 daily (3-day minimum) / $450 weekly / $1500 monthly  ($1050 monthly May through October)

Daily and weekly rentals include electricity. Monthly rentals do not include electricity since usage can vary so much ($150 up to about $500/month in summer). I will email a copy of the electric bill.
$20/day resort fee payable to the office at check-in + short-term (less than 30 days) rental tax.

Daily and weekly rental reservations are available 30 days or less before arrival since we give priority to monthly rentals.

Additional Details

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  • 408-313-4848
9/27/2022 12:00:00 AM