Lot 627
Lot 627
For Sale


Here is a once-in-a-35-year opportunity to become the new owners of the most sought-after, private, and best off-golf course lot for sale. We are the original owners who had the privilege to select any lot in all future phases of the resort. We chose this lot by purchasing two golf course lots in phase #1, reserving this one for phase #5.
We collaborated with the developer to make our lot bigger and further away from the neighboring lot. Our preference was to be close to a satellite pool and showers. This phase is well-sought after, with little traffic, nice neighbors, and few renters.
Your patio side has a 120-foot green space to the west wall with a mountain view, and there are no neighboring RVs in sight. The patio space has ample room for expansion, and the short brick wall is not built to 60 feet, allowing the patio to be extended further.
The lot comes with a German 9-foot square costly umbrella, folding patio furniture/cushions, an expensive folding bike, and a non-functioning golf cart used for storage, as well as two brick-covered propane heaters for colder nights. Another great feature is easy straight backing into your pad.
Over the decades, we have had many people asking if we would ever sell. So, here is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to own the largest, most private, and multi-faceted lot ever made available for motorhomes and 5th wheelers.
Professional Escrow is available through Ticor Title, as is a simple professional sales agreement. The lot pictures are from the 2019-2020 season.
The price for this fantastic lot is $235k. The owner is Gerhard Waechter, and you can reach him at 360-371-4100.

Additional Details

  • Gerhard Waechter
  • 360-371-4100
9/14/2022 12:00:00 AM