Lot 627
Lot 627
For Sale
*$1450/M $90/D


GUARANTEED THE BEST PRIVATE LOT @ ORPS, it is located across from Satellite Pool.

*April through September $1450 per month, plus metered electric. Plus $20 daily Resort fee
November through March 2024 $2450 per month plus metered electric, plus the daily $20 Resort Fee paid to the Resort.

Summer months
Daily $90/day, 7 day minimum plus $7/day electric (rebated if not used fully.) Plus the daily $20. 
Resort fees paid to the Resort.

Call Gerhard  360-371-4100

Additional Details

  • Gerhard Waechter
  • sunbird77@comcast.net
  • 360-371-4100
10/21/2022 12:00:00 AM