Please stop by the Front Desk in the Administration Building, to complete your new owner paperwork. During this process you will receive your prox cards, transponders (optional for $20), mail key, and tennis key. If you wish to have your HOA dues automatically deducted from your checking account, see the accounting office to complete the required form.


Water: Is provided by the Resort and included in your monthly dues.

Electricity–  Southern California Edison:  (800) 655-4555


Cable / Internet– Spectrum: 866-550-3211

  • Basic cable service is included in your HOA dues. Spectrum now requires a Digital Adapter in order to view your channels.  Per our agreement with Spectrum, each owner is entitled to one complimentary Digital Adapter. You will need one for each TV. There is a fee for additional adapters.  To setup your basic cable, additional channels and/or internet contact Spectrum directly.

Renters & Guest Services

On March 7, 2016, the Board of Directors established a Resort Fee of $10.00 per day to be assessed on all renters of lots, with or without an RV on it, with a three day ($30.00) minimum, effective July 1, 2016. Effective July 1, 2018, the Resort Fee will increase to $12.00 per day with a three-day ($36.00) minimum. Direct family members as defined below are exempt from the daily Resort Fee only if they are residing on the lot owned by their family member. If they are occupying a lot owned by a non-family member, they are obligated to pay the Resort Fee.

For more information refer to (Administrative policies & procedures section III. Renters & Guests)

If you are expecting any guests, you are required to leave their name with the Security Gate and/or Front Office. Guests who are not on the guest list will be denied access to the Resort.                                             Security Gate- (760)770-0065                                                Front Office: (760) 328-3834 ext 301 & 302

Lot Modifications/Improvements

  1. Permit Required: Except for limited, routine maintenance items described below, before any improvement is done on any Lot, a permit is required to ensure that all modifications and improvements comply with the Association’s Governing Documents. For purposes of this requirement, the term “*Improvement” includes, without limitation, the construction, installation, alteration, removal, or remodeling of any buildings, walls, decks, fences, pools, landscaping, antennas, utility lines structures, installations and improvements of any kind.  For more information refer to (A&A rules Section 5)                                                  See the Front Desk for Applications and additional assistance

Rules & Regulations

Click here for detailed information on the items below :

  1. Use of Association facilities
  2. Swimming Pools & Spas
  3. Pets
  4. Golf
  5. Pickleball
  6. Tennis
  7. Motor Vehicles
  8. Tow vehicle & dolly use
  9. Staging Area
  10. Bicycles, Pedestrians & Skaters
  11. Vendor/Contractor rules
  12. Standards of Conduct
  13. Election Rules
  14. Administration & Enforcement