Outdoor Resort Palm Springs

Hold My Court (HMC) Reservation System



If you are already registered with the on-line court reservation system, click here to go directly to the court reservation page. https://holdmycourt.com/reserve2/orpstennis

NOT YET REGISTERED? Click here https://holdmycourt.com/reserve2/orpstennis and follow the directions below. Be sure to read item 10 through 16 for court reservation rules.

1. ORPS tennis members will need to register to use the FREE (ad supported) online reservation system, Hold My Court (HMC). An email link with our club ID will be sent to all ORPS tennis owners. If you have not received your “Club ID” by email, contact tennisorps@gmail.com, and provide your first and last name, lot number, and contact phone number. Renters who wish to play tennis will receive registration information when they are issued a tennis court key at the front office.

2. If you have problems with the registration system outlined below, please read the Hold My Court Frequently Ask Questions at https://holdmycourt.com/hmc/faq/ If the problem persists, contact tennisorps@gmail.com.

3. A link to the court reservation system will be on the Tennis page of the ORPS website, http://orps.com/activities-clubs/sports/tennis/ or cut and paste this link into your browser, https://holdmycourt.com/reserve2/orpstennis.

4. In the upper left hand corner, click on the link labeled Sign in or Register.

5. Fill in the form for a New Registration. Make sure that your email address is correct so that you receive the temporary

6. In the “Name” field, include your first & last name and your lot number. If a spouse is also a tennis member, a separate login account using a separate email address is required. Failure to enter all required information will result in your registration being removed from the system.






7. Once you receive your temporary password, return to the login page and login using the password emailed to you. If email doesn’t arrive soon after registering, check your SPAM folder. If you do not receive a password email, please contact tennisorps@gmail.com.

8. Players must then complete a PLAYER PROFILE to ensure continued access to HMC by logging in. Once on the Reserve Court page, you should see your name in the upper left hand corner. Click on the “CHANGE PROFILE” link at the top of the page.

9. Changing your profile is an essential part of the process. Failure to complete this step will remove you from the system after a few days





10. You may reserve one tennis court per day for 2 hours of play. Only one name is required to make a reservation. The person making the reservation MUST be one of the players on the reserved court. If a resident makes the reservation for a guest, he/she must be present at the court during play.

11. If you wish to reserve more than one court for a special function, your request must be submitted to the Tennis Committee at least two weeks in advance of the date. If your request is approved, the courts will be blocked out for you by the System Administrator.

12. Reservations can be made 7 days in advance from 6:00am to Midnight. The first court reservation time is 8 AM each day.

13. Same day open courts can be found by checking your computer, phone, or tablet. Type the reservation page link into the web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. Bookmark or make the link a FAVORITE.

14. You must be on your reserved court with three (doubles) or one (singles) other player(s) at your reserved time. The grace period for keeping your court is 10 MINUTES. If you fail to occupy your court within 10 minutes, the court becomes available for other players.

15. Players that fail to take their reserved court or arrive after the grace period of 10 minutes will be considered a NO SHOW. The first NO SHOW occurrence the person who signed up for the court will be reprimanded by email. Following the second offense, the player will lose access to the system for 2 weeks. Following the third offense, the player will lose access for 4 weeks.

16. Failure to occupy a court due to health or weather conditions will not be considered a NO SHOW.